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Historical Hardee Oak




The Hardee Oak sits alongside Main Street in the area of the Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street boat launching area. It was planted in 1891 by Robert Hardee when he was 19 years old.  In 1925, when Main Street was paved and sidewalks installed, his mother Emma Hardee saved the tree from being cut down. The Hardee family lived just to the north of the Hardee Oak in a ten room house large enough to be called a mansion, owned the Hardee Gas station on the corner of what is now Indian River Drive and Main Street, and the Eagle Fish Company at bottom of Main Street.



In 2008 when the City realigned Main Street for the boat parking area, a group of concerned citizens rallied once again to save the Hardee Oak. It still stands today. Hardee Oak offspring are alleged to be growing in several yards in Sebastian from fallen acorns.



    A plaque beneath the tree reads
 “HISTORIC HARDEE OAK – This Live Oak tree was planted by Robert Hardee, Jr. in 1891.
His mother, Emma Hardee, fought to save it when Main Street was paved in 1925.”